Monolithic acoustic ceilings

Acoustic monolithic ceilings are characterized by a smooth surface that is not disturbed by any visible joints or construction. The surface is formed either by a fine plaster structure or by a smooth trowel.

This creates a single unit that, in addition, meets acoustic parameters. Therefore, in monolithic ceilings, a distinction can be made between sound absorbing ceiling and / or soundproofing.

Sound absorbing

Sound absorption – When the sound wave hits the surface, part of the energy is reflected, part of the energy is absorbed by the material and some of the energy is let through. Therefore, the sound absorption quality is determined by the space distribution and the materials used. Sound absorption has the effect of creating a comfortable interior environment without excessive noise.

In such an environment, speech clarity is increased and reverberation or echo is reduced.. Sound absorption is given as Alpha W (αw) and calculated according to ISO 11654 from the practical sound absorption coefficient αp at standard frequencies and compared to a control curve.

Based on this standard, individual materials are divided into 5 absorption classes A to E, with A being the highest absorption class.


Air sound insulation or sound insulation is the ability of a room (building elements, ceilings, walls, floors) to prevent the transmission of sound through the air and building elements. Most often, materials with a high bulk density (mass of material) are used to achieve the required parameters of sound insulation, which prevent penetration or it returns the sound to the room.

By combining suitable materials, we can realize an acoustically optimal space in which both parameters can be combined to create a comfortable and healthy interior.

We have many years of experience and we are one of the few certified companies for mounting monolithic ceilings with excellent acoustic parameters. We assembled them not only at home in Slovakia but also in Dublin, Johannesburg (JAR), Copenhagen, Milan, Prague, Zagreb or Brussels.